This photo is one of the more unique ones I've shot, not for the subject matter or the circumstances, but for the equipment. This photo was shot with a vintage Minolta 49mm lens from the 1980s, the glass isn't as flawless as my newer, much more expensive lenses, and there is no dedicated focus, instead, the lens relies on zooming to the correct distance in order to bring an image into focus, which can be fairly annoying when the framing for a shot just won't line up right. But for all its drawbacks, there is something about this lens that makes it one of my favourites to shoot with, its aperture and light handling are by far the best on any lens I have ever used, with every white balance from cool to warm seemingly fitting perfectly with the lens. I usually avoid older gear for the simple reason that modern lenses and bodies on average work much better and give a clearer, more balanced image, but there's an exception to every rule and this lens is definitely one of them.


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