Just a Little Run Down

It is a near guarantee that whenever you see a collection of pictures from a photographer, artist, or traveller, a portion of those photos will be of abandoned, run-down, or rustic places and objects, but what is the reason for that? Regardless of the person, nearly everyone can agree that those photos are uniquely beautiful in their own right, although the reason why seems to elude common logic. What is so appealing about the sight of a rusting vehicle, or the abandoned, ghostly shell of a building? Why do these images of decay and loss attract the eye so easily? Perhaps it's due to the morbid sense of beauty they inspire, and the curiosity innately generated by anything we don't quite understand. The ambiguity pulling us in to try and find out what events possibly led to such an outcome for something that was once a beloved possession, but now lies derelict and forgotten, left to rot in nature's unforgiving care. Or who knows, maybe the reason is much more simple, and in fact, we just enjoy a good-looking photo.


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