An Old Window

I've acquired the habit over the past year of spending some amount of my free time taking long walks in the neighborhoods near my house, often with camera in hand, even though it's hardly ever my intention to take any pictures, in order to clear my head and give myself something to do instead of lazing around reading or scrolling through one social media or the other for hours on end. And through this daily ritual I've found a lot of interesting things, and taken a lot of unplanned photos, and on one walk I noticed an old bay window on the north side of an ageing yellow house, surrounded by trees and bushes and shaded by a slightly crooked porch, a scene that turned into one of my favourite photos from the last few months, and it makes me wonder if the idea that you'll find something when you stop looking for it is true, and that maybe the best photos come not during periods when you're specifically searching for the perfect shot, but instead at those moments when you aren't expecting or trying, and just letting luck do the work.


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